Community Protection

The citizens of Pennsylvania have a right to be and feel safe from crime.

Guiding Principles:

Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system shall:
Protect the community from known juvenile offenders -- with a particular emphasis on protecting their victims -- through a wide range of prevention, treatment, supervision and control options that correspond to the risks presented by individual juvenile offenders, and which include a continuum of sanctions, incentives and consequences that are developmentally appropriate and best suited to the needs of the offender.

Reduce recidivism by juvenile offenders.

Assist juvenile offenders in developing the capacity to act lawfully and responsibly.

Structure juvenile offenders' time in productive activities that benefit the community and/or provide opportunities for competency development.

Remove from the community those offenders who pose risks that cannot be managed effectively in a community setting.

Assist parents and guardians of juvenile offenders in setting clear expectations for, and in monitoring the behavior of, their children.

Encourage and support informal systems of social control -- including families, schools, neighborhoods, faith communities and youth-serving organizations -- in setting clear expectations for, and in monitoring the behavior of, children.

Increase feelings of citizen safety and confidence in the juvenile justice system.